I’m not sure what you mean by “zuckerberg meme” but I’m sure it has something to do with Donald Trump or something.

It’s a meme where people use the word “zuckerberg” to refer to the owner of a company, especially if it’s a company that has become successful due to a merger with another name, like Facebook, Google, or Apple. When it comes to the merger between Facebook and Google, Zuckerberg is referred to as the “Chairman” and Google as the “Company to Go.

It’s an old-style memes, but it is a meme where you have a group of people who are not exactly the same. Just like the first meme you see when you see the logo of a company, the meme you see the most is the last meme you see. Even when you see the meme, you can’t tell if it’s a good one or not. It’s almost like you don’t actually see it anymore, but you just see the logo of the company.

The best and most recent example of this is the meme of “My name is Steve Jobs and you are doing this because you are a big fan of Steve Jobs.” This meme, in fact, has been used a lot by fans of Jobs, who will frequently respond to the meme with a comment like “I like Steve Jobs a lot, and I am a fan of Steve Jobs.

When you see this meme in your facebook feed, it is because Steve Jobs is the most famous person in your life. But if you dont even watch it, you can only guess that it is because you like Steve Jobs. So, if you want to look for it, look for it in your facebook feed. You may not see it, but it is there.

Zuck’s latest Facebook post was an interesting one, and it sparked some interesting discussions on twitter. One thing that is really great about it is that the post was written by someone who actually likes Steve Jobs. So we can conclude that it is not only Steve Jobs who is famous, but also Steve Jobs fans.

The post was written by a fan, a very good indication that it is actually Steve Jobs fans talking to one another about their favorite Steve Jobs moment. It is nice to see that not only Apple, but also people who love Steve Jobs are speaking about him. We get to see Steve Jobs’s face on a lot of his products, but it is also nice to see his followers talk about it.

I have to say that it is always difficult to find someone who loves Steve Jobs and actually feels he is a villain. I mean, I’ve seen some people saying that Jobs was a great man for capitalism and that he was the father of modern computing. But they also said that he was a horrible man for Apple and hated Steve Jobs for not allowing his vision, that Jobs was a traitor to the Apple community, etc. And that is why they hate him. And I’m fine with that.

I have no problem with the idea that Steve Jobs was a good capitalist and great for capitalism. But I also feel that his vision of Apple and his lack of vision for the rest of the world were a disaster. I mean, the idea of Apple as the world’s premier software company is ridiculous. Steve Jobs was a visionary. And if you take his vision and add in the rest of the world’s vision, then you have a disaster.


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