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Travel/Hotels Tips and Tricks! 

You’ve got your plane ticket, your hotel room booked, and a rental car set to pick you up tomorrow morning. In all your excitement, have you remembered the little things? Fear not — we’ve got you covered with this list of travel tips and tricks that are guaranteed to make your next trip a little less stress-free.

#1: Have everything on hand before leaving for the airport! 

For example: have IDs in one place, toiletries in another place and consider purchasing a packing cube for easy transportation.

#2: When arriving at an airport or train station, inform yourself about which taxi provider uses the shortest lines from where you are (if applicable).

#3: Research the cell phone service plans in different regions and countries before traveling. While you’re at it, check your provider to see if there are other options (such as texting plans) that might suffice for your travel needs.

#4: If you need to call for customer service for any reason, know that many companies will charge you for international long distance. Oftentimes this can be avoided by calling customer service on a one-800 number or the toll-free version of a company’s local number.

#5: When booking flights online, choose a flight that departs near dinnertime, because this is usually when the best sales are available.

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