This is a blog about the best places to live in New York City. Each of these apartments are not just for the price, but also provide a lot of value.

The Wellington Club is the quintessential Upper East Side apartment that has a lot of class and style. Located at the top of a nice, tree-lined street, the apartment is well-appointed and the view is amazing. Each apartment is named after a well-known person (like President Obama or Nelson Mandela). The apartments are all around the corner from each other so you can walk to the best restaurants, bars, music venues, and stores in a relatively short walk.

The rest of the apartment’s building is built around the park, with a lot of character and character elements. The interior of the apartment was designed by a former high school student named Eric Waddell and features all the artwork of a lot of older, retired, and slightly drunk people. The interior is also very richly decorated. The exterior is also a lovely roomy one, with a big sofa, sofa with a pillow and a full bath with a gorgeous chandelier.

With all the above properties, it’s easy to see why Wellington is one of the coolest places to live. As well as being a great place to live the area also offers a great variety of nightlife options. For example, there is a club called “The Wellington Club” which has a very large dance floor. There is also the “The Wellington”, a pub at the east end of the park.

The Wellington is located at the end of the park, in the middle of the park. This means that although it is located in a fairly small area it is still very centrally located. The area also features a bar and a restaurant with a very cosmopolitan feel to it. The Wellington also has a large pool, gym, and fitness centre. The Wellington also features a nice little cafe, bar and restaurant that has a garden and lots of al fresco seating.

I’m not sure how well it will match the original feel of the park, but I think it will be a great addition to the city. The Wellington has it’s own entrance, so there is a bit of a hassle when coming in from the east end, but I’m sure the city will get it.

We visited the Wellington last year and loved it. The staff were friendly and helpful. We also liked the restaurant. The menu is rather standard, but the staff were very attentive and friendly. The location was just off central station, so there’s no issue with traffic.

The Wellington is a very pleasant neighborhood with a great location. The staff were extremely helpful and attentive. The building is nice and clean, the parking lots are well-maintained and well-manicured and there are plenty of restaurants in the neighborhood.

After a bit of a search we found the building itself and had to call in to the builder. It was a little cramped but the builders were friendly and helpful.

It’s actually a very interesting building, a very modern looking place with a modern facade, a nice and old-looking interior with nice touches.


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