I love the vault markets. You know them, I know them. I spend a good amount of my time in them during the summer, but I also have a good amount of time in the fall and winter. They have a wide range of vendors from local farmers to specialty stores to hardware stores. I often buy from vendors that have been around longer and have the better reputation.

I had the pleasure of attending a couple of vault markets over the last couple weeks. In the fall, I visited the local farmers market in the morning, and then at lunch at the local diner in the afternoon. In the winter, I visited the local hardware stores. I found the vendors to be quite knowledgeable, and they were always willing to answer my questions about the products I wanted to purchase.

With vault markets, you don’t get what you pay for. Hardware stores in my experience are pretty tight-lipped about what they stock, and you won’t hear a lot about the products they don’t. That said, I have found that the vendors I’ve visited had a good variety of everything, and they were always available for questions.

When I visited a vendor to ask a question of the hardware store, I always came away with some of the best deals I have ever had. The vendor I came to for my first purchase was willing to give me a discount on my next purchase, and that is always a good feeling.

Vault markets are typically warehouses stocked with a wide variety of gear. Because of their unique location, vendors are constantly expanding their range of stock. These warehouses can be run by private companies, or sometimes they are run by the government (which is typically the case with hardware stores). The vendors I came across seemed to have a good variety of gear, and they had a great selection of guns. The most common guns here were the M4 carbine, MP7, and Glock.

Vault markets aren’t really a place for guns. They’re more for tools, ammo, and other assorted supplies. As such, vendors seem to have a pretty good selection of those type of goods.

But a gun purchase isn’t the only thing that can be done here. You can also try and get a gun in the vault, although that doesn’t seem to be happening a lot at the moment. Vault markets are the sites where you actually get to buy guns that are owned by other people.

Vault markets seem to have been around for some time now. But I think the first one was a pawn shop that was run by a former soldier who was looking to make a little extra cash. A few years later the site was expanded and became a full-fledged auction site. Vault markets are really only in their infancy now.

It can be a fun and a risky environment to play in for some players. As a player you can bid on items in the game, but you can also use your real money to buy and sell in the vault market to avoid the risk of getting ripped off in the process. It is one of the few places in game I would feel comfortable buying a gun from if I really wanted some guns.


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