The price of petrol has been slowly creeping closer to the Rs.5-7 mark since early this week. The new price of petrol is Rs.3.80 per litre.

This is a good thing. The government is now allowing the prices of petrol and diesel to be set at a level of 5% below the current rates in order to reduce the price of fuel.

The move to price fixing means that some of the government’s fuel subsidy funds will be better spent in the first place. For instance, there are other ways for the government to put a dent in the price of petrol, such as setting a price for the petrol pump. There are also many new taxes being levied on petrol, which would be a good way to reduce the price of petrol.

Some of the more popular fuel subsidies are already being rolled into the new fuel tax system which would also be cheaper than petrol. That’s where the money from petrol would come in handy, and so the price would be kept lower. But petrol price would also be set at 5 levels to be compared to the current rate that is actually being rolled out.

So, today, we will have petrol at 5 levels to be compared to and then you can pay for it at the pump.

It’s the price I am going to pay for petrol price. You have to be on the lookout for it.

The petrol price is the only thing that is going to affect me in the next few months. But I have to say, it looks pretty damn good. Now all I have to do is buy the house, and it will be like this. I am going to have to buy the house at this price, and then I am going to have to sell it later. That means its cheaper to sell it, or to renovate it again.

The petrol price is a relatively new one. The idea of it came first from Indian Oil, who developed the petrol price indicator we saw in one of these trailers a few months back. It is still a relatively new idea, as are the petrol price indicators, and they both seem to be based on Indian Oil’s idea of how much petrol to pay. You can check out the new one at

Indian Oil has a history of using the petrol price to justify its prices. They even did a story on how they got started, complete with a petrol price indicator from the time. The idea of the indicator is that if you use the indicator to calculate how much petrol to pay for a new car, then you can tell if they are right.


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