The vibrant coastal city in southeastern Virginia, Virginia Beach, is a place you should not miss out on visiting and is a must to add to your travel lists! In this independent city lies where the Chesapeake Bay ultimately greets the Atlantic Ocean. Along its shoreline beachfront, a 3-mile boardwalk runs. Moreover, it is home to a growing and flourishing local cuisine, rich art and history, scenic ocean scape, countless variety of entertainment, extraordinary green spaces, and attractions that are inclusive for all! How great is that?! Here, you can bring your family and friends and even your pets! Aside from having access to two highly rated hospitals, you also do not need to worry about your pets in times of emergencies, as there are top vets in Virginia Beach! With this, visiting the city would mean you and your family would enjoy the rest of your vacation and have fun while it lasts without hassle! 

Besides, one of the things that drew us to Virginia Beach was the relaxed vibe and leisurely pace, which made it the ideal destination for a restful vacation. Thus, these are the things tourists in Virginia Beach must try while in the area:

Enjoy Hiking 

Before going to the beach to enjoy the sun’s rays and be sunkissed, going for a hike in First Landing State Park is a must-go place for a new adventure and experience! The park has an estimated three thousand acres with more than a mile of beachfront. It is an excellent place for having a heart-to-heart talk with your loved ones as this place has almost twenty miles of walking trails through protected salt marsh habitats. You and your family could go biking or have your pets walk in this place too! How cool and nice is that?! Not only can you enjoy that but your eyes would be blessed because of the picturesque swamps and ponds that you and your family could take pictures of the beautiful place.

Moreover, there is a visitor center in the area with museums and educational centers that provide visitors with information about the history of the pilgrims and Native Americans. The place is so relaxing, serene, educational, and comforting that many people have recommended this place a thousand times! After a worthwhile hike and historical education, you can relax on the beach and enjoy the stunning sandy sunset. Indeed, it is a place not to be missed by tourists as this place is the most visited park in Virginia Beach!

Visit The Lighthouse

An interesting lighthouse on Virginia Beach’s premises is the Cape Henry Lighthouse. The lighthouse is situated in a unique and remarkable place as it is located in the middle of an operating military base. There are two lighthouses at Cape Henry: the Old Cape Henry lighthouse and the New Cape Henry Lighthouse, a more contemporary building with the same name. Before being replaced with the more recent one nearby, the Old Lighthouse operated for roughly 100 years. Moreover, the latter was the first federally funded lighthouse that had ever been entirely constructed and lit by George Washington himself and the federal government of the United States. With this, visiting the lighthouse would mean seeing a national historic landmark of the United States. Furthermore, you would have the opportunity to get a fantastic view of the Chesapeake Bay when you go up to the lighthouse. With this, make sure you do not want to miss out on the picturesque view above!

Visiting The Boardwalk

When visiting Virginia Beach, the only thing the tourists had in mind was to see and experience their iconic boardwalk adjacent to the magnificent ocean scape in the area. The place is undoubtedly on the tourist attractions list in Virginia Beach. The 3.4-mile-long boardwalk in Virginia Beach is lined with numerous great restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues. With this, you would not worry about what to do or what to eat in the area. 

Moreover, you can also grab your own bike or rent one so that you can wander around the place and have a taste of the sea breeze. If you do not know how to ride a bike or do not want to ride one while in the area, you could always opt to walk around to wander! It is a great idea to walk around during sunset to experience and have a glimpse of the mellow and fiery sky. Also, you could stroll during nighttime as the Virginia Beach oceanfront is the perfect place to wander and appreciate the twinkling stars, comforting sea breeze, and rhythmic waves accompanied by your salty hair and sandy toes! While in the area, you should also visit or have a quick detour in the King Neptune Statue. At 31st Street and Atlantic Avenue, this 34-foot-tall bronze figure that views Neptune Park is difficult to miss. Please take a picture to post on social media while admiring its details!


Without a doubt, Virginia Beach is one of the spots in the United States of America that will have you in awe! It is no surprise that Virginia Beach draws millions of people each year, given its 35 gorgeous miles of coastline and 3 miles of boardwalk. This seaside town, which is located on the Atlantic Ocean in southeast Virginia, provides more than just a moment in the sun. There are so many things to do in Virginia Beach that you might need a few extra days, despite the fact that the beach is excellent! 



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