This week in history, a bill was introduced to the House that would have banned the use of the word “gay” in the state of California. It is unclear if the bill passed, but it was widely unpopular.

The bill didn’t actually ban gay people, but it did include the word gay, so it is still a bad bill. More importantly, it was extremely unpopular and in some cities it still didn’t work. The bill was eventually pulled, and gay people are still banned from using the word in California.

The bill was actually just a very bad bill that was very unpopular. It was unpopular because it was so poorly written, because it was so poorly researched, and because it didn’t work. If I were the bill’s author I would have probably been in a much worse place.

The bill had the word “homosexual,” but that’s not what the bill meant. A gay man who did not want to be voted out of the gay rights movement.

The bill was voted down by the gay community because it didn’t apply to them. This is the problem that I see with the gay rights movement, because gay people are not so much free to vote on their own behalf; they have the right to be. I’m not defending the bill, but I feel like this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

I am not a fan of the homophobic remarks of the bill, that it was, but it did have a point. The bill was not meant to be a ban that applied to all gay men, but only the ones who were gay. This is why we have civil rights, because we give you the freedom to be whatever you want to be.

The way it should have been written instead was that the bill would not apply to gay men. So the argument that gay men could be charged with something was wrong. For this argument to be valid, it was necessary to state that the charge would only apply to gay men. This is an argument that’s easy to make based on logic, but I can’t help but feel like it’s actually a lot more complicated than this.

The other reason we have to allow gay men to be charged is because gay men are capable of murder. Gay men are not the only people that can do that, but they are the ones that most people associate with it. So by making it so that a gay man can be arrested for murder, we are implicitly allowing gays to be charged for a murder that is not theirs to commit, so to speak.

That’s a good point. By making it so that a gay man can be arrested, we’re allowing gay men to be charged for a murder that is not theirs to commit, so to speak.


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