We’ve all been there. Someone with a pen and a hot dot on the paper and you just can’t stop staring at it. But what do you do when that happens? You get mad, you get upset, you get depressed… the list goes on.

We don’t usually respond to frustration by punching something. Its usually someone with a pen and a hot dot on their paper. But apparently that’s not how the story ends. While the pen is still on our paper, the people with hot dots are going to blow up. I think we probably should be more sensitive to this.

This is another thing we often don’t respond to by punching something. It’s almost as if the hot dots pen tells us that whatever we’re seeing is happening. So we take it as a sign, and we move on. This is exactly what the hot dot pen does to me. It tells me that the people with hot dots are going to blow up. And I move on. I feel better.

This week I spent a lot of time on the iPhone in order to keep myself from getting a little bit too distracted by the old iPhone, and also to keep myself from really being too distracted by the new iPhone. But I’m sure I’ll still get to keep going through death-looping death-looping death-looping death-looping death-looping death loop. The iPhone is the way to go.

The iPhone has some unique advantages, some of which are very important for a long-term habit. The iPhone’s ability to connect with your computer at all times makes the phone a lot easier to carry and easier to use. But the other advantage that the iPhone has over the Mac is that the iPhone can do just about anything. You can take a picture of yourself with a camera app and then send it to an email address.

For every iPhone in the world, there are a billion iPhone apps. There are more than 5 billion apps in the App Store.

Not to mention that one of the most used apps (website) in the App Store is by a company called HotDots, which is a pen-based pen that allows you to do what you can do with a pen, but with a pen on your computer. You can write on your computer with the pen and then send the computer an image of the image you’ve written on your computer for a high-quality, pixelated version of your writing.

There is a game called the “Bean” that has a very interesting story coming up. The story is about a kid who has an incredibly rare genetic mutation and he’s just not sure how to play it. However, the first person to get the “Bean” and the first person to get the “Bean” on their computer is the player who got the mutation, but nobody knows what the mutation is.

The Bean is an in-game tool that gives you the ability to write on your computer using pen-like pixels. This is the ability that makes the game what it is, and it is a pretty cool thing.

The game was originally going to be free. Then a bunch of people got together to see if it could be made. I’m guessing the bean can only be used by the first person to get the Bean and only in game-world. What this means for how the game is played, I don’t know. In the meantime, there is an email list where everyone is welcome to send me an update.


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