The reason I love this video is because it’s so different than most of the other videos we have. It’s the perfect example of how to use your brain while not paying much attention to your environment.

One of the things I love best about video games is how they can create some truly mind-bending situations. For example, the game “Phantom Dust” plays with the idea of how the game works in terms of the player being able to change the background of the game’s world. In this particular case, the background is changed by a random bit of dust that is collected on the player’s head. And as you can probably guess, that dust is a bit of a mess.

The interesting thing is that this is not the first time we’ve seen this idea. Phantom Dust makes use of the same type of game mechanic in other parts of its game. For example, a few years ago in the game Myst, you could turn off the background in the game world by turning off the dust. But there’s a catch. It’s actually a bit of an annoyance because what you’re really doing is playing the game in a much more controlled and controlled way.

No one really used to play Myst in this way, but now, in the age of 3D, I see it on my TV all the time. In fact, I can even hear it in the background when I play my PlayStation 3.

The player who controls the background is in the middle of a fight, and the fight starts by switching the background to a different color. When you turn on the background, you start to see the fight start to show where you are, and then you switch back to the background. So this is a little weird, but it’s a very nice way of turning the game on.

It’s probably just my preference, but I like it when I can see my own face on the screen for some reason.

I actually like this, but I would say most games don’t do this on purpose.

Its actually a very useful trick. While in most games, you just switch to the background and then back to your own face when you finish fighting. I think its because it puts you in a very good mood when you switch up to a different background. This does not however, stop other players from changing the background.

You can also view your face if you want and then have your “experience” of what your face looks like. This is a very useful feature since a very interesting part of the game is the way your face moves. It’s not only useful for fighting but also for watching your face, and if you’re playing in a very dark background, that will be no problem.

You’ll probably notice that in the previous image, the background changed from a blue to red. This is because you can change the background color of your face, so you can have a very different experience of your face in a different setting.


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