Do we really need an omnipotent being testing us so as to make sure we aren’t just a little better? I can’t say I know for sure. But I do know I’m not the only one who questions God’s existence. And I’d like to see these kinds of questions asked of more people.

What does it mean to be tested by God? It can mean being mocked, abused, or even murdered by a being who has no conscience, who can’t even be described as “God-like” by most people. This is the kind of tests that can drive you nuts. After all, no test of this nature ever reveals who we are as a people or what we want from our lives.

If God is testing us, I would be very nervous. But I also know that I dont have to wait to be tested. I can wait. For now.

Yeah, I like that quote. Well said. I hope you can sleep now.

If you’re lucky enough to survive God’s testing, you might not be able to sleep. In the Bible, the test is known as “the Day of the Lord,” which is the Day of the Lord of Yahweh, the Lord of hosts. It is a day of judgment, when God’s people will be tested.

In the Bible, the Day of the Lord is a time of judgment, a day of tribulation for the righteous. I think that describes the day of our lives in the sense that God is testing us for His own purposes, not ours. But I hope that’s helpful.

But we are all the same. We’ll be tested, but we’re all going to be tested, just as God is testing us.

God is testing us to see who we are. But he doesn’t have to test us to see if we are righteous, or if our actions will reflect who He is. We’re all on the same playing field, and that’s the way God works. He doesn’t care what our actions are, or whether they reflect His character. He doesn’t have to.

God is testing us to see if we are righteous, and in doing so, we can see how worthy we truly are. If we are righteous then God is testing us, to see if we are worthy of being His child. God is not going to play favorites, as He is merciful and just, and if we are worthy of being His child we will be.

We already know that God is not going to punish us. He is going to reward us just as He has and that reward is that we will be His child. So if we do what He wants us to, and do so in His own way, then He will reward us just as He has.


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