It’s almost a relief to me to use the word “craggy peaks” when referring to the top of rocks. I love it. People in the past used the term “rocky” to describe the top of cliffs, but a lot of the people today don’t think of them as very exciting.

I agree, I think people dont think of them that way. And I do think that these days, more people are using the term rugged and ruggedized.

I personally think rugged and ruggedized are better than rugged. I think it’s like the two things that are on opposite ends of the spectrum, where both can be used to describe something but not necessarily. I think rugged is too generic, and ruggedized is a bit too strong. I think your definition of rugged is more about the mountain, and ruggedized is more about the mountain and the rock.

I don’t think rugged is too generic, and I don’t think ruggedized is too strong, but I think rugged is too generic. I think there are many things people associate with rugged that are not really related to the mountain. I think it has to do with the fact that the rugged is something you can do in your own backyard, and the ruggedized is something you can do in a car.

The idea of riding a bike in the mountains is to get off the road and in the air. It sounds like the mountain and the rock is what you associate with rugged. I think the mountain and the rock is what you associate with ruggedized. I think you are correct that you can do in a car what you can do in a mountain. But the mountain is not the limit of what you can do. The limit is where you are.

So craggy peaks are, well, craggy. They’re not ruggedized. Even I can do it. I just ride a bike in the mountains because I like the feeling of the road and I’m not sure I could do it in a car.

Well, your point is well taken. I should have said that a big part of the appeal of mountain biking is that it gives you the perfect environment to do what you want to do. You can do what you want to do in a mountain. But when you get to the place you want to be, you need to stop and be still.

Thats exactly what you should do. Stop and be still. I don’t know how you do it, but you do it. Thats what keeps us coming back for more.

I was really impressed by the way that you guys came up with a design that manages to look both rugged and fun. I was looking through your website and was hoping you could comment and tell me if you know a lot of pros/cons of that design.

My first thought was that you guys would really need to get a mountain design down before you could do something like this, but I guess I can see why they went with a craggy, rounded, but still rugged design. It’s pretty much the best design I have seen all year for the price point. I was really impressed with the way you guys went about creating this thing, too. You have such a great eye for design and execution.


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