The federal government is a large chunk of the American government, so we probably know the federal government better than any other part.

We’ve come to expect the federal government to be scary, which is why we know that the government is responsible for all sorts of evil. It’s also why we come to expect that the government is always on the verge of being overthrown.

The federal government is so big that there are five different federal agencies responsible for different parts of the government. But those are just the three biggest ones. There are seven different departments and agencies.

There are a lot more agencies than departments and there are probably more people that work for the federal government than there are members of congress. I’m not actually sure how many people are on the payroll and how many that exist. But I suspect it’s a lot.

There’s a lot of people that work in government that are employed by one of the seven departments and agencies. We called these the “seven federal agencies” because they’re responsible for seven of the largest federal programs. These are the Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice.

The Department of Agriculture and the Department of Commerce are responsible for the meat and dairy industry. The Department of Education and the Department of Energy are responsible for everything with the nuclear power industry. The Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for health care and welfare programs.

The Department of Commerce and Department of Energy serve as an umbrella organization for the energy industry. For example, the Department of Energy produces all of the nuclear reactors that are used by commercial power plants. The Department of Commerce regulates the trade in oil and natural gas. The Department of Education, Department of Education are responsible for all education programs.

cederal is in charge of the federal government and the federal government is in charge of the federal government. Both entities are responsible for the federal government, but only the federal government is in control of all the other departments and agencies. One of the main decisions that the federal government makes is what to do with all the money it has. It decides whether to spend it in a way that will benefit the overall economy, or it spends it in a way that will benefit itself.

So, in the game you have a choice of spending money in a way that will benefit yourself or one of your fellow citizens, or spending money in a way that will benefit the federal government. Which one do you play? As I said above, you have to choose one or the other.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and ask, “How do I decide?” Well, you can ask yourself what you want to accomplish as a federal employee.


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