In this video, a bengal lancer jokes about the difference between being an athlete and a professional athlete.

The bengals at least know how to wear the right gear.

I know this because the team I work for has a strict dress code, and we take pride in it. We dress business casual, which I think means jeans and a T-shirt. If we’re going to be out and about on a shoot, we wear a nice dress. But the bengals at least know how to wear the right gear. The team is a professional team, so they know exactly what a ‘professional’ outfit looks like.

This was a good example of a joke that I heard over the weekend. A person in one of the sports I work for is playing on the same team as another person who is playing on the other team. The person on the other team doesn’t really care about the other guy, and is a bit of a jerk. But they all know that they can’t be jerk-ish. They know that if they’re being a jerk, they can take it out on the team they’re on.

So yeah, the people in the team are professional (not to mention theyre awesome) and the person who is on the other team is not. It’s a good one because I like to pretend that the person on the other team is being a jerk and it makes for an interesting story.

It’s a lot easier to make a joke like this when you don’t have to tell people what your joke is.

But if you do, I highly recommend you get the joke in the first place. In my opinion joke telling should be about telling jokes to other people. It should be a social activity, not a private life.

Its a great one, but I think there is a slight problem in making a joke that is funny to some people and not others. I think most people could probably tell just by watching you that your joke was not going to appeal to everyone in the room. I think that when you are doing this you are kind of playing with fire by making the joke so hard to tell. But I think it is something you could work on making this joke a little more difficult to tell.

I am not a fan of this one at all. There are many types of jokes that are both funny and not funny, and it is very hard to tell where the line is. I think it is because we are making fun of different types of jokes, and for some people it is not an acceptable form of humor. I feel like this joke is something that is often used in the wrong place.

The point is that we are making fun of the fact that all our jokes are essentially useless. It is really hard to tell exactly when a particular joke is not funny, so we need to be very careful in this situation. This is something that is worth remembering if you are going to tell jokes that are not as funny.


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