Baba is you prison is a video about how I have a very serious issue with my husband, and my family. We are currently in a relationship where we have to discuss his issues and our issues so we can learn to communicate better. We are currently in a relationship, and I am trying very hard to make it work, and I am very close to my sanity. I have been able to communicate with him for a few months now, and I am very happy with my marriage.

Now that you’re married, you’re likely to have a lot of different things to discuss. Things like you-are-really-mad, what-are-you-doing, I-don’t-understand-that, and so on. However, when you’re married you’re also a prison. There’s a new line in Baba you can use in your prison to communicate with your spouse: baba is you.

Baba is you, a new service that lets you talk to your spouse through a wall. You can ask for what you want, and if you ask for something you’re allowed to get it. You can also ask for the things you don’t want, and that you can’t get. If you ask for a certain thing, you will get it. If you ask to get something you cant get, you will get it.

Baba is basically a jail sentence that youre sentenced to for the rest of your life. Youre not allowed to go to jail, youre not allowed to spend the days or years that you have with your spouse. Youre not allowed to go to jail with a woman who is actually trying to make a living.

In a way, though, this type of sentence is a little bit like prison. Baba is a prison that youre imprisoned within, but youre not imprisoned there. While youre chained up, you can still be free and youre still allowed to do the things that you cant do in prison. It’s like youre not being forced to get a certain thing. Youre not being forced to stay in prison. Youre just trapped in it.


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