We’ve been friends since the beginning of high school in the mid-2000’s, and our friendship hasn’t changed much. We live in the same city, have the same interests, and enjoy each other’s company. Ali is an artist, Jay is a graphic designer, and they both love the outdoors. They are both very creative people who have the ability to see the world through their eyes and see its beauty.

Today we will talk about things that have been going on with our friendship since high school, and what’s been going on with it recently.

Ali and Jay are best friends, and as such, have shared a lot of time together, as well as a lot of other things. When we first met, Ali seemed to know more about Jay than he did about herself. This wasnt a bad thing. Jay was a good friend, and Ali was a good friend. We had a lot of fun together.

Ali and Jay grew up in the same area in New Jersey and they grew up together. However, in high school, they werent close. However, this changed when they entered high school. Their parents divorced, and they became close friends. They started spending more time together, and they became more close. They developed a real friendship. Of course, they still didnt know each other all that well, but they were both good people, and both liked their friends.

One of my worst fears about the future of mankind is that it is going to end up like the human race did in the movie Planet of the Apes. We will have one day of apathy and one day of violence. It is going to come down to one day of apathy and one day of violence. The future of mankind is going to end up like the human race in Planet of the Apes.

A similar thing happened in the movie. The human race went from one day of apathy and one day of violence to one day of apathy and one day of violence. This is why a lot of people worry about the future of mankind. They are afraid that we are headed towards a world filled with nothing but violence. The only hope for mankind in the future is that we learn to stop being apathetic and to start being active again.

Like most people, I worry that the future of humanity will be the same as the future of the apes, which was the movie that I just watched. In the movie, the future of humanity was one big happy family, and they all had the same kind of brains, the same kind of personalities, and the same kind of personalities. It seems that this is what will happen to mankind.

Maybe it won’t, but we’ll probably see a lot of violence. In the end, however, the future of mankind will be one big happy family, I mean family. We can stop the violence. No one will actually die. It will be a peaceful, happy society where everyone works together to protect the world from being taken over by a madman.

The future of mankind is already kind of fucked up, and I see no reason to believe that it will stay that way for much longer. The violence that is going on is very unlikely to end, which is to be expected in a society like this, but there is still an awful lot of violence out there, and there are lots of people who don’t want to see that stopped.

I guess you can get that feeling of hopelessness in a society where there are lots of guns, lots of violence, a lot of people who don’t want to see that stopped. The problem with a society like this is that it tends to be very hierarchical and rigid. Things that are different from the norm are forbidden, and people in power want to keep the status quo.


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