When you have a yoga class, there is a good chance that you will be practicing poses that target your core. You may not realize it, but the exercises that make your core strong will make your body feel strong.

These are all good points. But I’m interested in the specific benefits that yoga offers for core stability. The research that I’m reviewing on these topics is in the form of journal articles that make use of a large number of yoga practitioners (typically over 100, with a few dozen more to be reviewed). The first thing that I’m looking for are results from people who perform yoga as well as they would do when not doing yoga.

That is, people who have a strong core and are not doing anything else. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of research on the topic in this area, so it’s hard to know what exactly benefits yoga offers. This is actually good news. It means that those of us who are not doing yoga are able to make use of these benefits more often. We know that many exercise enthusiasts do yoga, but we don’t know anything about the benefits it offers.


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