I get asked on a regular basis, “Which vegetarian restaurants do you recommend?” Not only do I recommend a variety of restaurants, but I also recommend the places that I’ve eaten at in the past. If I can recommend a place that is vegan, I will. I am also a member of a vegetarian group of friends that meet for lunch once a month to discuss eating habits and such.

The thing is, I can’t recommend a place without first thinking about what kind of food that place serves. Are they vegan? are they vegetarian? are they gluten-free? are they gluten-intolerant? I don’t even know the answer to those questions. Most of the places I’ve eaten at in the past have been fine, but a few of them have been a little weird.

I do recommend that you make sure that you know if that place serves vegan meals, because that can affect your enjoyment of the meal. I know my friend who is a vegetarian and also eats fish and shellfish. She likes the fish, but the shellfish was a little off. I also know that I enjoy a nice steak, but I would have been really disappointed if I knew that my friend was eating a burger with a fried egg on it.

Ive had a lot of vegetarian places I don’t particularly like, but I think I like the ones that are really good. Like I said, I personally like a nice steak, but I think what really makes a vegetarian place good is that they pair it with a healthy salad and a glass of wine.

We’ve seen the trailer and it’s been a pretty cool experience. It’s a pretty straightforward, neat, and fun way to get a glimpse of the world, and if you have the time, it may be fun. If you don’t, then that’s fine.

In the trailer we see several different types of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. It looks like the same concept applies to all of them, but I think it’s even better to get the experience without actually going to a restaurant. Just eat lunch at your desk or at your friend’s house. Its definitely not a meal where you’ll be eating three times a day. And I think that’s a very good thing to have in your life.

I see vegetarian restaurants as more like the “real” restaurants that are around now. Maybe it’s a trend, but they are often more upscale (and therefore more expensive) than their meat-eating counterparts. It’s a fun way to get a taste of what they look like when they’re not doing the same thing.

You know what also means vegetarian restaurants? You don’t have to pay the same amount for chicken and fish, and you won’t get sick from the same amount of veggies and fruits. All you will have to do is eat the same amount of your favorite foods, and be somewhat healthier than your meat-eating friends.

There are a lot of vegetarian restaurants around, and each one has its own specific niche that can be quite appealing. You can also get the best veg burgers and sandwiches at places such as Fennel.

Another one is the vegetarian restaurant chain Veggie Grill, located in downtown Chicago.


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