Diesel is an essential part of India’s transport infrastructure, and the price is high and rising. This is because of the new diesel cars that came into the market. The price of diesel is also rising as the government is considering a change to the new fuel law.

Diesel cars are the fastest growing segment in India because of their higher mileage and cheaper price. Diesel has been a major source of fuel for trucks and cars for quite a long time, and it’s still on the rise as the government is also considering an increase in diesel prices.

Diesel cars have become the fastest growing segment in India. The cost of diesel cars has increased fivefold in the last five years. If diesel is to become the major source of fuel for vehicles, it will have to be the cheapest.

Diesel vehicles are also an important source of air pollution. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, diesel-fueled vehicles emit more pollution than any other cars, trucks, or motorcycles on average. Diesel cars are also the second-largest source of traffic deaths in India. The government is reportedly considering increasing fuel prices a little bit to make diesel more affordable.

Diesel is used widely around the world. In the United States, the average price of diesel is roughly $2.63 per gallon. In India, diesel is the third-most-used fuel, with the average price being $2.11 per gallon. In Pakistan, diesel is the ninth most-used fuel, with the average price being close to $1.25 per gallon.

Diesel cars are also the most-expensive type of vehicle the government has ever taxed. That is why diesel prices were set in the first place. Diesel cars are the only type of car that is legally allowed to pass gas stations without the need for an inspection. Because of this, diesel fuel is an important source of money for a lot of small villages in India. In fact, it’s a common sight in rural areas, especially in the north of the country.

The price of diesel fuel used to be a little more expensive than petrol, but has been reduced significantly in the last few years. The government is trying to raise diesel prices to reduce the amount of money needed to pump diesel fuel from pipelines to oil refineries. The government is also trying to get diesel fuel to refineries to save on fuel costs.

It may be that diesel prices in India are going up. The government has announced that it will raise the price of diesel to Rs. 5.5 per litre from Rs. 2.65 per litre in the next two years, and that it has already raised the price of diesel by Rs. 1.5 per litre. The government is also looking at ways to make diesel more affordable. In some parts of the country the cost of diesel is as much as Rs.

$5.47 per litre in the United States. In fact, in many of the places where diesel costs as much as $5.47 per litre, it is almost as expensive as diesel itself. In places like India, this is usually the case with the government, so it’s probably good news for diesel prices.

Diesel is a pretty good fuel in cities. It’s cheap to buy as well as very reliable and easy to obtain. Diesel is also the most common fuel for trucks and buses in many parts of the world. The fact that diesel is cheaper and more reliable than gasoline is a great advantage for diesel drivers. Diesel is also a good fuel for driving through snow, which is why diesel is used in China’s famous, “super highways”.


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