I was browsing the internet and came across a picture of a millet plant that was in a pot. I knew it was millet, but had no idea what it looked like. I was intrigued. I took a picture of the little thing sitting inside of the pot and sent it to my sister-in-law who runs a photography business. She sent me three different pictures of the millet plant, and I took one of the best ones I could find.

This plant is an indica, which means it’s a cross between a marijuana plant and a tobacco plant. It’s native to the Southwestern US and grows in the shade of trees. I found it in a pot in my grandmother’s garden. I sent it to my sister-in-law because he sells pottery and I knew he’d love it. It is actually a pretty healthy plant and the leaves are edible. It is a member of the nightshade family.

The millet plant is a very easy-to-grow, fast growing and prolific plant that produces a lot of seeds. It is cultivated for its seeds and is also used for a variety of culinary uses. It is grown in most parts of the US. It is also grown as a garden plant in many Asian countries and as a specimen plant in Europe. It’s a very beautiful plant with a bright yellow center and deep green leaves.

There are two types of millet, one that is cultivated as garden-to-table and one that is cultivated for seeds. The one that is cultivated for seeds is much better for the garden, but the garden-to-table type is easier to grow and produce a lot of seed. The garden-to-table type is best for small gardens, because it takes much less space to grow and you can do a lot more with the seed.

Millet is a flowering plant, so it has a very strong smell and is often used in recipes. The most common way to prepare millet is for the seed to be crushed and fried in oil/vinegar, but you can also cook it whole, or you can make it into a porridge or soup.

The millet plant is a very popular herb in the UK, and it can be used to flavor everything from soups to stir fries and even tea. Its light green leaves are a good alternative to spinach or arugula. For recipes, try the millet and coconut milk, or try using a mix of other herbs and spices instead.

As always, millet is a great food to get into, and even if you don’t have any knowledge of its history or how to grow it, the plant is a great alternative to spinach and arugula.

For a history of millet, check out this article on Wikipedia. The milk-based millet, millet, is the same plant as the millet plant, which has also been used as a culinary herb. It is also a good alternative to spinach and arugula.


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