A few years ago I found myself in an interesting situation. I was sitting in a bar, and I had a few friends over to my house for an intervention. The first thing I did was send a text message to my soon-to-be best friend. It read simply: “I need advice”. I thought that in the world of instant messaging, this would be interpreted as a request for advice.

That was the first time I’d ever sent a text message. A few years later I was able to write a text message with my friend without my friends’s permission. I guess it’s easier to send a text message with a friend if you don’t have to be physically present in the room.

The best time to send someone is during the day. I have an office full of people who work at night, and I get to keep my phone on the desk at night. I have a guy who works out in the field at night and his name is Sam. I have a new guy who calls me from the office every morning and we chat on the phone every night. I get to keep my phone off the desk so that I can keep the phone set to off.

If you’re a person who sends a lot of text messages, you’ll probably want to make sure that you have a phone at your desk/desk/desk/desk. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a text message.

It is not difficult to do either of these things, but the hard part is coming up with a system that works for everyone. It’s not easy to have an instant messaging system that everyone on a team can use, but it shouldn’t be hard to add new features, or integrate them if you must.

The problem is that because of the complexity of these systems it is difficult to implement them with confidence. To say “instant messaging is hard” is not to say that it is impossible. We’ve had great success in making it easier for people to do so. What works on my phone works on yours, because it just works. If it doesnt, your phone dies.

When you have a system that is so complicated that you have to write it all out and then put it in a few days and then go and wait it’s going to go up or down, then you can easily implement it, because you know it will never go down. Because of the complexity of this system, it probably shouldn’t be hard, but it is, and it is now, a real pain in the ass.

You know I will never be able to tell you what to do when you’re a huge party-looper. I mean, I’m guessing that if I made an effort to hide my camera off my screen, no one would notice.

So if you have to write everything out, why do you need to do it at all? It’s like if I told you how to write everything out, you’d be like, “Ugh, I’ve already learned that”. The whole point of it is to make it as easy as possible for other people to do it, but you still need to do it, and then you’re like, “I still have to do it”? Well, maybe I should do it for you.

One of the great things about instant messaging, is that it’s so easy to forget about its original purpose. Instead of taking a long time to write a note, now you can just write a quick message and it will be delivered in just seconds. I mean, I was once a huge person who was constantly sending “I love you” messages to my friends. Now I have a whole new system for my friends to send me messages.


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