Eugene is about an hour away from Portland and about the same distance from the beach. The two towns are connected by a highway.

I have to say, in all my years driving from place to place, I’ve never seen the two towns so close at the same time.

The best thing to do in Eugene is to take the freeway. The problem is that it takes forever out on the interstate. From Eugene, you can take the I-205 north to the Columbia River state park and then I-84 west to the Pacific Ocean or just take the freeway. In both cases, you’d have about 30 minutes on the highway before you reach Portland.

The only other time Ive seen Eugene go to Portland the other day was when I was driving to work. It was so much fun to see the little people of Eugene and Portland go and talk to each other. I was in Portland for two weeks before the Portland trip, and I was amazed to see the people at Eugene and the Portland-Hoffman’s home getting back on their feet. But I didn’t go to Eugene.

It’s not that I didnt want to, I just cant make it down there. I live in the midwest and would love to see the places Ive been to in the last five years. Ive been to Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, and Seattle. Ive also lived in London, and even in San Francisco, where I went to college, Ive been to several places in the city. But I really wanted to see Eugene.

I want to go to Eugene, but I cant make it. Ive tried but I just cant. There is a way though. I was in Portland last weekend and my friend suggested Portland is close to Eugene. I checked it out and it was only about an hour from Eugene. I was so excited. This is such an awesome idea.

When you are on time, the good guys are the good guys. Ive seen some amazing examples of brilliant people making amazing times. Ive even seen them go from slow to quick, so I want to go back to Eugene.

That’s the problem with time-looping games. You can’t really know if you’re on time. You can just say, “hey, let’s get back to Portland”, but you’re going to be there for a while yet anyway. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try to go back now and then, but the point is, you can’t really predict how far your self-awareness will allow you to go.

The good thing with time-looping games is that you can really go as far as you want before you’re forced to return to the starting point. The bad thing is that you can end up going as far as you’re not ready for. In this case, it means that the game is starting in Portland, and you’ll be there for a while, but you can’t really say when youre ready to return to Oregon.

There is a big difference between “going back” and “being ready.” Back when I was a kid, I would sometimes take a trip back to my hometown of Port Orchard, Oregon when I was sick of the school I went to. I’d always return home to see the same little house for the same reasons. I guess I had just taken enough of a break from being a kid and didn’t mean to stay there forever.


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