I’m a big fan of the Chinese and the way they call themselves their “honeymoon phase,” but I understand that you have to be a little bit paranoid about the Chinese cultural culture and what it is like to be a Japanese. I never thought it would be so difficult if you weren’t a Japanese person. That’s not really how it’s supposed to be.

Im not sure how I could explain this to a Japanese person. I mean its like saying you want to be a Chinese person but you cant be Chinese. I know its not the best way to explain to a Japanese person, but I think its the best way to explain why the Chinese people are very territorial when it comes to who they can or can’t have as friends.

The trouble when it comes to Chinese is all the different languages, cultures and languages that come with being a Chinese. Its like how Japanese people have different accents and dialects and that messes up what you can and can’t say.

All that said, there are some interesting things about chinese culture and ways of thinking that can be traced back to China’s ancient past. I think it’s very interesting to think about how China’s unique way of thinking has developed and evolved over the centuries. I think the culture we see today is the result of thousands of years of Chinese people trying to adapt to western ways of thinking and the changes they’ve had to fight to get there.

In the movie “How Dare You”, the people who create a language, dialect, or way of thinking are called Chinas “great minds” or “great thinkers.” What these great minds have to say is often very interesting and sometimes controversial, but often also very insightful. A common Chinese proverb is “The road to the true is often the narrowest”. That’s very true too, so if you ask a Chinese person to explain something in their language, they can’t really answer you.

If you ask a Chinese person to explain a Chinese proverb, they might give you a long, stilted answer that has so little actual meaning that it would probably be considered an insult in most other countries. But its interesting too. Chinese people don’t usually answer English questions with literal translations of their own words. Instead, they usually give you a longer, more philosophical answer.

The same is true for the Chinese people. The Chinese understand everything their own way. They do not care if you understand the language in which you are asking the question as long as you are able to answer the question. A lot of these answers are so long and complicated that they can be considered to be incomprehensible. I think this is why people like to learn Chinese these days and why the Chinese seem to enjoy being challenged.

It is also why people like to learn Mandarin. What makes it even more difficult is that many people are not able to speak it well enough to communicate their thoughts and ideas. The Chinese also do not like you to know too much about them. The Chinese are very secretive about the whole thing. They prefer to keep their secrets close to their chests. They want to keep things to themselves.

All the more reason why people who know Chinese are so passionate about learning it. After all, it’s not very hard to communicate your ideas, thoughts, and ideas if you know the language well enough. The Chinese don’t have to worry about speaking in front of people for the most part. They just have to pay attention to their body language. They are very confident and have a natural way of conveying their ideas when they feel they need to.

I know you’re probably thinking, I’ve been here for three days. You were in China for three days, and you said you were going to visit China for the next three days. Now you’re here for the last few days and you haven’t been in China for a week. And I’m not sure what’s wrong with you. We’re just doing something for the sake of doing something for the sake of doing something for the sake of doing something.


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