Dr. Rabeya Choudhury is a yoga teacher and spiritual teacher with the philosophy that the mind is the master of all that we do in life, and he doesn’t believe in the pursuit of happiness. In his words: “When you’ve got a mind that’s constantly thinking, it creates anxiety, and anxiety is bad for your body.

A lot of people who have the mental health aspect of a great teacher have been unable to pass away after getting a diagnosis of mental illness. You could say that for years it’s been difficult for anyone to pass away without a diagnosis. We can’t help but wonder what the doctors are trying to do to them about that.

In India, the law is that the diagnosis of mental illness is required before death is allowed. The law says that there are a lot of patients who have been diagnosed with a mental illness before they actually die, and then the law says they are to be treated as if they are still alive. The reason for this law is that people who are suffering from mental illness are viewed as being “addicted” to a thought process and thus in need of treatment.


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